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How to use Sex Points with your clients.


For Professionals

Webinars & Courses

Online Workshop: Sexual Health & The Whole Self
(Early Bird Pricing Expires on 2/16!)

On Wednesday, March 9th I will be hosting a half-day virtual workshop, which will offer an overview of sexual health, exploring such topics as to why therapists don’t talk about sex and why it’s important. It will also offer best practices and practical techniques for sexual inquiry and interventions in clinical practice.
 *CECs available to NYSED certified LMSWs, LCSWs, LMFTs, LMHCs and LCATs!*

For many therapists, inquiring about sex can feel invasive, voyeuristic, or taboo, especially if there are religious or cultural considerations. And yet, sexual health is an integral part of a person’s sense of self and well-being. Join me on March 9th and don’t miss out on Early Bird Pricing – register by February 16th!

Helping Your Clients Resolve Sexual Issues

Dr. Bat Sheva explains how Sex Points can be an incredibly helpful resource to guide and frame discussions about sex with your clients.

(The live webinar is complete but you can still download a copy for free!)

Resource Guides

Many therapists and medical professionals have difficulty accessing comprehensive sexual health information. It can also be difficult to keep up with the current science and developments in the sexual and reproductive health fields.

That’s why I wrote Sex Points and created these complementary guides to use with your patients. It is my hope that when used together, it can be exponentially more helpful for them.

Download your free guides now!