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Bat Sheva in the news

NPR's Ailsa Chang interviews Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus about her new book, Sex Points and how it's 'Here to Help' women all over. Listen Here!

The Orthodox Sex Guru
New York Times

In one of her early sessions with the patient, Bat Sheva Marcus, an Orthodox Jewish sex counselor, drew up a list. The patient, who was in her 20s, wore the uniform of her rigidly devout sect: a dark suit with a shapeless skirt reaching well below the knee… read more

A guide to healthy sex
How to behave

Host Barbie Ferreira meets with renowned sex therapist Bat Sheva Marcus before signing up for a “Dirty Talk” class. And along the way, she finds that the key to a healthy sex life is good communication.

Let’s Talk About Sex (And Religion) With Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus
wbez chicago

Orthodox Jewish sex therapist Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus founded one of the largest women’s sexual health clinics in the country, Maze Women’s Sexual Health in New York. From taboos to vibrators, Marcus talked with Nerdette hosts.… read more

Let’s Talk About Sex!
Lula lala

Now is the time to talk about something we rarely get to talk about, but we’re pretty sure is a HOT topic for most… let’s talk about SEX, baby! Yes, you read that right! In our Zoom interview, we asked Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus from Maze Women’s Health and Maze Men’s Health for some quick, but NEED-TO-KNOW questions about common problems in the bedroom.



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When you realize pleasure is yours for the taking, life comes alive. Take the sex points quiz and discover how to feel good tonight.