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Bat Sheva in the news

Sex Therapist is 'Here To Help'
NPR, All Things Considered

NPR's Ailsa Chang interviews Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus about her new book, Sex Points and how it's 'Here to Help' women all over. Listen Here!

Looking for Sexual Healing?
New York Times Book Review

Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, author of Sex Points: The Book, has come up with a way to visualize your sex life as a circle with four quadrants — desire, pain, arousal and orgasm.” Read Review!

Katie Couric's Wakeup Call
Reinvigorate Your Sex Life

Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus speaks about desire, sensuality and her new book, Sex Points. Read More.

One on One

In her new book, sex therapist Bat Sheva Marcus looks at monogamy, with a special focus on Women's Sexual Satisfaction.

How To Transform Your Sex Life
The Femsplainers Podcast

Whether you are 18 or 85, there's no reason you shouldn't be having great sex, says Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, director of the largest sexual health center in the country. She dispels many myths about female sexuality and offers practical tips from her new book "Sex Points" -- while Danielle tries hard not to blush.

The RAWring Twenties


Sex Therapist and author of "Sex Points," Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus discusses orgasms, vibrators, fantasy, the erotic brain, expanding our definition of sex, sex education, pain during sex, communication, & so much more!


Sex life not working for you?

What’s the gold standard for orgasms?

Business Insider Series

Spontaneous sex is a myth — here’s how a “sex schedule” could save your relationship

Here’s how your sex life changes as you get older


When you realize pleasure is yours for the taking, life comes alive. Take the sex points quiz and discover how to feel good tonight.