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Sex Therapist is 'Here To Help'
NPR, All Things Considered

NPR's Ailsa Chang interviews Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus about her new book, Sex Points and how it's 'Here to Help' women all over. Listen Here!

Looking for Sexual Healing?
New York Times Book Review

Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, author of Sex Points: The Book, has come up with a way to visualize your sex life as a circle with four quadrants — desire, pain, arousal and orgasm.” Read Review!

Katie Couric's Wakeup Call
Reinvigorate Your Sex Life

Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus speaks about desire, sensuality and her new book, Sex Points. Read More.

One on One

In her new book, sex therapist Bat Sheva Marcus looks at monogamy, with a special focus on Women's Sexual Satisfaction.

How To Transform Your Sex Life
The Femsplainers Podcast

Whether you are 18 or 85, there's no reason you shouldn't be having great sex, says Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, director of the largest sexual health center in the country. She dispels many myths about female sexuality and offers practical tips from her new book "Sex Points" -- while Danielle tries hard not to blush.

The Rawring Twenties

Sex Therapist and author of "Sex Points," Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus discusses orgasms, vibrators, fantasy, the erotic brain, expanding our definition of sex, sex education, pain during sex, communication, & so much more!

Real Talk About Sex
Ditch the Binge Podcast

Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, a certified sex therapist and author of Sex Points, speaks about sex drive, orgasms, fantasies, and more. Listen Here!

What Does Judaism Say About Sex?
Sex therapy Podcast

What does Judaism teach about sex? Drawing from biblical and Talmudic sources Dr. Caleb Jacobson discusses sex and Judaism with guest Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus. Listen Here!

How To Reignite Your Sexual Pleasure With Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus
What You're Craving Podcast

In this episode, Molly and Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus discuss the morality of the biology of obesity, why it’s important to have a healthy sex life (with or without a partner), and the biggest stigmas and myths about sex that are harming us every single day. Listen Here!


Sex Therapist Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus on fantasies, orgasms, sex vocab & more!
The RAWring Twenties Podcast

In this episode Brenda and Julia are joined by renowned sex therapist Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus to get real and raw on audience sex questions! We talk sex vocabulary, organisms, fantasies, communicating with partners, vaginal pain, dilators, squirting, vibrators, and so much more! Listen Here!


Changing Platforms with Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus
Changing Platforms Podcast

“Sex a very crucial part of the average human race but lacks the needed understanding by us all.” Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, a certified sex therapist and author of Sex Points, joins Changing Platforms on their latest episode. Listen Here!

Reclaiming Your Pleasure
Homeopathy World Community

Certified sex therapist, Dr. Bat Sheva and the HWC team talk about how to reclaim your pleasure.  Listen Here!

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus
Salty Sex Podcast

Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, a certified sex therapist and author of Sex Points, joins Salty Sex Podcast on their latest episode. They discuss how societal messages are the culprit of sexual shame and how to embrace the awkward.

Listen Here!

The Shift Podcast with Katie Boyle - Ep Sex Therapist Dr. Bat Sheva
The Shift Podcast

Dr. Bat Sheva (sex therapist) joins Katie Boyle this week to talk about the benefits for vibrators in the bedroom, fantasies and how important scheduling sex is in longterm relationships.

Listen Here!

Sex Satisfaction Guaranteed with Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus
Women's Health Unplugged Podcast

In this episode, Women's Health Unplugged Podcast is joined by Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus (again!) to talk about sex and how to have a thriving sex life. Bat Sheva explains the factors that give you ‘points’ (fantasy, connection and hormone levels) and ‘take points’ away (some medications, fatigue, pain and more).

Listen Here!

Masturbation: Pleasure for Pleasure's sake
Vaginas, Vulvas, & Vibrators Podcast

Dr. Bat Sheva joins Vaginas, Vulvas, and Vibrators podcast for Masturbation May as we explore various aspects of masturbation, such as the importance of learning your body, use of vibrators to facilitate more intense and efficient orgasms, as well as how mutual masturbation can be arousing for many individuals.

Listen Here!

How To Have a Thriving Sex Life in Midlife
Well & Worthy Life Podcast

In this episode, Well & Worthy Life Podcast is joined by Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus to talk about sex and how to have a thriving sex life in midlife. Bat Sheva discusses everything from hormones, perimenopause, and menopause to solutions to pain during intercourse.

Listen Here!

Low Desire? Understanding Hormones & Sexual Health
Fit as a Fiddle Podcast

Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus joins Dr. Sneha Gazi to discuss how hormones and psychological issues of pain can affect low desire, how vibrators and fantasies work, and why she advocates for women to become more aligned with themselves through various strategies.

Listen Here!

Satisfaction Guaranteed; Keys to Improving Your Sex Life
Highway to Health Podcast

Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus joins Jeremy Quinby to discuss the gift that our sex lives can be, but also common physical challenges with orgasm, hormonal changes, vaginismus, and low desire and arousal, all of which Dr. Bat Sheva delivers guidance on how to solve in this episode.

Listen Here!

Sex Masterclass: How to Have More (And Better) Sex
RNT Fitness Radio

Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus joins RNT Fitness radio to discuss everything from what the role of sex is, how often is a good amount, what makes great sex, and why people have sexless relationships. If you’ve got a great sex life, there are tips here to help you take it to the next level. If you want to improve your sex life or fix bad sex, you’re going to love this one!

Listen Here!

Relationship Fundamentals From a 25 Year Sex Therapist
Soothing Semantics Podcast

Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus joins Soothing Semantics podcast to discuss sex in relationships, why monogamy is so challenging and why having these taboo discussions are so important especially in the religious world of all faiths.

Listen Here!


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