Bat Sheva's Podcast:
The Joy of Text


Bat Sheva's Podcast: The Joy of Text


For six years, from the early days of podcasting, I teamed up with a fabulous rabbi and we tackled the thorny issue of Judaism, Jewish law and sexuality and we created The Joy of Text.

With hundreds of thousands of listeners and downloads, we navigated the often complicated world of religion, faith and sex. Often we would hear from listeners how much this podcast changed their life, even from people of other faiths. What we realized was that so many faith communities share the same struggles and concerns when it come to sex.  And we wanted people to be able to get real information and real guidance in the privacy of their earbuds. So that’s what we did.

The podcast went on hiatus early in 2022. This was truly a labor of love for both of us and we felt we had accomplished much of what we set out to do: normalize, destigmatize and take the shame out of so much of people’s lives.

But you can click here to get past episodes on everything from Male Masturbation, Infertility, Kink, Pornography, Talking to Kids about Sex and more.


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