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Sexual Health Consultations:

If you are feeling broken, as if your sex life is stuck and you are unsure what the right next moves are, this consultation might be for you.

  • I’ll find out a bit about your history and current issues.
  • I’ll help you break down and clarify the problems you are concerned with.
  • We’ll talk about what the medical or psychological issues at play might be. 
  • I’ll suggest practical solutions that you can follow up with: books, podcasts, apps, sex aids
  • I’ll suggest ways to find appropriate providers
  • I’ll guide you on your next steps of this journey.
  • If you feel like follow-up appointment would be useful, we can discuss that as well.

The purpose of these appointments is to make you feel knowledgeable and empowered as you strike out to find solutions to your sexual issues.

Bariatric Counseling Consultations:

You are thinking of having bariatric surgery, but you are unsure if it is the right move for you. I can help.

  • We’ll discuss your history with weight loss, dieting, emotional eating.
  • We’ll talk about your goals and concerns.
  • We’ll cover what things need to be addressed in order to face a higher likelihood of success.
  • I’ll answer any practical questions you might have about moving forward.
  • We’ll discuss the support you might want to put in place to ensure success.
  • We will set follow up appointments if both of us feel that would be helpful. 

Why Start with a Consultation Rather than Traditional Therapy?

I don't believe all problems need therapy to solve them. You may already be in therapy with a terrific therapist. Not all sex therapy is the same. Not all bariatric counseling is the same.  Different concerns might require different types of therapists or different types of therapy. You may not want to lock yourself in to working with a specific therapist when your answer might lie with a medical provider, a book, self-education, a couple’s counselor, a trauma therapist or a combination of those. This extended consultation will allow you to you to start with a broader, more holistic view of your issues and guide you to making more educated and wiser choices. If, after the first session, it makes sense to schedule further sessions together, we can discuss that as well.


The cost of a one-time 55-minute consultation is $400. If you have out of network insurance coverage, you should be reimbursed for a portion of that. 

I Believe In You:

Whether or not you choose to set up an appointment, you deserve to feel healthy and happy and I want to encourage you to find answers to the issues that are bothering you.

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