Welcome to the Sex Point On-Line Quiz

This questionnaire will help you hone in on specific problem areas you may not realize are a problem. And when you see where the points are missing most significantly, you can start on the road to figuring out how and where to get more points. Note that some questions mention partners; if you don't have a partner currently, just answer the questions as best you can or score "C."

The maximum number of points you could score, if everything in your life was perfect, is 160.  But that's going to be incredibly rare. In a perfect world where your sex life was humming along, each quadrant's score would total 32-40, leaving you with a healthy score of 128-160.  But it's likely that you are now seeing low numbers across the board or some very lopsided numbers. That is your key to figuring out where to go from here.

Quadrant Scores:

Now, let's look at your scores in each individual quadrant. These scores will be your guide to using this book and the chapters you need to focus on in order to gain points in those specific areas.

Now there are two ways to go back and use the book:

  • If your numbers are really lopsided, that is you scored a 35 in one quadrant and a 10 in another, you may want to dig into the chapters that describe the particular quadrant with a low score. That should give you a more thorough understanding of the part of your sex life which is sorely missing points and it will start to show you typical places where the breakdown occurs. It will guide you to those chapters that will be most helpful in gaining points in that quadrant.
  • If your numbers are low across the board, you may want to read through all the quadrants to get a better understanding of how and why your sex life is breaking down. Each quadrant's overview chapter also provides a guide to the subsequent chapters which will help you gain points in that particular area. Try not to panic. I really tried to make the chapters fun and amusing so that you don't get weighed down with too much boring information.

A word of caution. Your sex life is not a chemistry experiment. These point guidelines are just that, guidelines. They are a way for you to take an overall snapshot of your sex life, as well as break down any problems you are having into manageable components and start addressing the individual parts that need attention. Approach it that way and it will help you best. You need points? Figure out where they are most missing and where they are most likely to come from. If one way of garnering points doesn't look like it will work for you, move ahead and look for alternative ways to get points into that quadrant.  Don't drive yourself crazy with focusing on 5 points here or there. Focus on addressing a variety of variables and concerns and incorporating solutions that will work best for you. Before you know it, you will be sailing right past that 100-point threshold.

So, head back to the book, dive right in, and fix your sex life!