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Welcome to the mini version of the Sex Points On-Line Quiz; the points-based system that empowers you to

Fix Your Sex Life.

This points-based system provides practical, every day advice and concrete guidance that gives you a clear path to sexual pleasure.

Whether you're dealing with pain, lack of arousal, trouble with orgasms or embarrassment about your desires and fantasies, the Sex Points Quiz is a safe and clear way to explore the sexual side of pleasure.

Why take the quiz?

1) It will help you identify specific problem areas you may not even realize have been at the root of your sexual challenges.

2) It will help you understand what is really broken in your sex life ('s not you), where you are "missing points" and how to get them back!

3) The sex point system is based on the idea that our challenges don't have just one source - that there are always a variety of different issues involved, which is why it can feel so confusing. Don't worry - there are solutions to each problem!

So, go ahead and start the quiz. Your (sex) life will thank you.

Self-Assessment Quiz:

The following is a simple questionnaire to help you assess the points you have, or need, in the four quadrants: general sexual interest, ability to become aroused, orgasm and pain during sex. Obviously you can't self-diagnose by filling out one questionnaire, but it should help you hone in on specific problem areas you may not realize are a problem. And when you see where the points are missing most significantly, it can help get you on the road to figuring out where to get more points:

During the last few months how often have you had sexual thoughts, feelings or fantasies either spontaneously or prompted by someone else or by something you read or watched?
I can orgasm:
When I have sex with my partner:
When I start fantasizing about sex:
How would you describe what intercourse feels like?
Over the past few weeks how difficult was it to reach orgasm when you had sex (stimulating your clitoris with a hand, mouth or vibrator)?
When I think about having sex with my partner:
Over the past few months how often did you experience pain with vaginal intercourse?
During the last month, which would you say best describes your behavior?
Let’s talk about tampons. (If you are post-menopausal or don’t get your period for any reason, just click the 3rd button and skip this question.)
Let’s talk about burning and itching around the vulva:
If I decide to masturbate, I:
When other women talk about how wonderful their orgasms are:
When I have sex with my partner I get turned on:
My orgasms have changed:
During the last month how often were you in the mood to have any type of sexual encounter with your partner? (It doesn’t have to be intercourse.)

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