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How to have the sex you've always wanted  |  By Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus

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Get great sex, pure pleasure, and passion in your life.

As a veteran sex therapist, I’m frustrated almost daily by the persistent myth that great sex comes naturally, and when it doesn’t, there is something wrong.

Give me a break. Pleasure is learned.


Meet the points-based system that empowers you to fix your sex life.

Whether you’re dealing with pain, lack of arousal, trouble with orgasms, or embarrassment about your desires & fantasies, this is a safe space to explore the sexual side of pleasure.

This is practical everyday advice that improves your sex life.

When sex talk stays too theoretical and abstract it’s hard to implement changes in your life. I deliver concrete guidance that gives you a clear path to experiencing pleasure.


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The Pleasure Guide to Vibrators

The Pleasure Guide to Vibrators

For many women, a vibrator can be a handy sex aid or a fun toy. This is the no-nonsense guide for getting comfortable with new additions to the bedroom.

The Pleasure Guide to Lubricants

The Pleasure Guide to Lubricants

Nearly every woman will find, at some point in her life, that her body doesn’t lubricate enough to make intercourse feel good or even comfortable. We’ll cover all the basics in this handy guide.

The Pleasure Guide to Bringing Sex Home Tonight

The Pleasure Guide to Bring Sex Home Tonight

Get 5 easy ideas to try out at home. Start experiencing pleasure wherever you are right now. Playful ways to try out pleasure, delivered straight to your inbox.

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“This is by far the best book that is currently available for women who are having problems with sex."

The wisdom in these pages will come as a welcome relief and validation that the simple platitudes we often tell women are not only insulting, but just plain wrong. 

—Paul Joannides, PsyD, author of "Guide to Getting It On"

“Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus breaks down the root causes of sexual issues and lays out an inviting and abundant buffet of scientifically researched tools available to you to recover your sex drive and orgasm.

We have for too long simply accepted that it's normal to struggle with sex and hormonal issues, especially as we age. It's just not true.”

—Alisa Vitti, founder of FLO Living, best-selling author of "WomanCode" and "In the FLO"

“A healthy sex life is as much emotional as it is psychological, and Dr. Bat Sheva gives great perspective and insight.

This book is a must-read, especially when healing from sexual wounds and/or negative experiences while trying to identify what truly impacts your sex life.”

—Dr. Anna Cabeca, Triple Board Certified, OBGYN, author of "The Hormone Fix"

“I know of no other book that so thoroughly presents the myriad causes and solutions to women's sexual problems;

Dr. Bat Sheva seamlessly integrates psychological, medical, hormonal, relational, and emotional causes and solutions.”

—Dr. Laurie Mintz, licensed psychologist, certified sex therapist, and author of "Becoming Cliterate" and "A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex"

“Dr. Bat Sheva is not afraid to take a controversial stance or bust some myths if she believes it's going to help,

and her toolkit is both wide and deep. Much more than just a talk therapist, Dr. Bat Sheva is a take-action therapist and will guide you from insight to implementation.”

—Ian Kerner, PhD, LMFT, New York Times bestselling author of "She Comes First"

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Satisfaction Guaranteed is based on an easy 100-point system. This 100-point system acknowledges that our problems don’t have one source—but a solution (or several) may exist and we can approach problems from many different directions. This makes room for our sex lives to be ever-changing, and for us to have a greater sense of how to control them when they go awry.

So, if you are reading this book because “something is not right” I am going to help you stop thinking that “something” is one problem that needs a mysterious solution. Instead, we will look at each of these areas and figure out where you are missing points. Once you can see those, I will offer you real-life solutions; I will help you navigate those solutions to help garner some additional points until you’ve hit 100-point-threshold and returned—or finally gained—a healthy sex life.

PAIN: My vagina hurts. My vulva hurts. Intercourse hurts. Sometimes, the idea of the pain of intercourse is so scary, I can’t even go there.

AROUSAL: I think I want to have sex, but my body and/or my mind aren’t on board. I don’t get physically turned on. I can’t seem to quiet that perpetual laundry list running in my head once I get going.

ORGASM: I have never had an orgasm, or even gotten close. If get close, I don’t seem to be able to finish. I used to have orgasms, but they seem to have disappeared—and if I have them, they are pathetic echoes of what they used to be.

DESIRE: I really am not very interested in having sex, even theoretically. Honestly, if my partner didn’t care, I could go months, or even forever without thinking about sex.

In my experience, nearly every sexual problem a woman has falls into one or—commonly—more than one of the following areas: PAIN, AROUSAL, ORGASM, DESIRE.

Here’s where points can step in. When you’re in tune with your body and situation, you can adjust your point profile as needed throughout your life. When your sex life is flagging, you can remember that everyone is different, but everyone can be helped. You don’t have to be in a sizzling new relationship, or on vacation in Paris.

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